Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wine for a Princess.

See the grip I have on this bottle of wine from Lou! What does that tell you?
And look at the flurry of pink scarves! I didn't have any pink to wear to this event. Now I have some great pink scarves and hats to reflect a little colour on my cheeks on those pale days.

Patio's friend at work, Jan (who I know), made this lovely princess crown with veil for me! Thanks, Jan! Isn't it grand? It looks awfully good on me, I think. I said I would wear it to a chemo treatment, just in case they're not sure who they're dealing with! Especially when they're flashing big, honkin' needles in front of my eyes!

Thanks, everyone! Thanks for these photos, Lyn!



  1. Love the photos Heather. Now I am sorrier than ever that I missed it! I think you should definitely wear the tiara and veil to a chemo treatment. It would give everyone a good laugh and really lighten up the place. It would be so you! Glad your cocktail of drugs is helping with the side effects of the chemo and that everything went reasonably well. The boa constrictor side effect is surely one for the records.

    By the time this is all over they'll be hiring you to give needles at the Champion Centre. Seriously, I'll bet you'll get over your phobia in no time. Keep kicking chemo butt! I'll call you tomorrow to arrange a weekend visit.

  2. Hi Nora,

    Somehow I don't envision a time when I'll be the go-to needle person. I'm a long-time needle phobic, though I've learned over the years to manage blood taking ones for the most part as long as they take blood from normal places such as the arm. I've also mostly adapted to dentist's freezing needles. I think that's enough needle adapting in one lifetime!

    I'll look forward to hearing from you and getting together! You're always an inspiration, Nora!

  3. Mon bon amis,
    You are so full of "fab-u-losity" I can hardly stand it !!! Seriously, you continue to amaze all of us with your strength, humor and sheer determination to kick cancer in its arse !!!! I am so proud of how you are handling all of this ! I can not tell you enough that you are truly my "SHE-ROE"!!!! I know that all of our positive thoughts are helping you get through this. I am so happy to be part of your team to help you and support you in any way I can.

  4. Hi Heather, sorry I missed that big party they had for you. I wasn't even thinking about sickness until Bonnie said she wasn't going because of her cough and then I thought I probably shouldn't go because of all the stomache flu the daycare had, I could have been carrying some sort of bug myself. It looked like a great party and my I add you look so good in your new doo, you certainly don't need any scarves or hats. Lori

  5. Hi Heather,I am on my way to get Alexa from Dance camp. She will be thrilled to see the pictures of you and the team at the party. you have been such a wonderful example to all of us that even in this situation where things like chemo and needles are forced into your life,you still get to CHOOSE your ATTITUDE! you are honest in how tough that choice can get at times(ie:needles)but the pictures don`t lie,your smile and positive nature RULE!GO PRINCESS HEATHER! LOve Chuck

  6. Dear Captain Princess She-roe,
    Need I say more. Who better to lead this team with such great spirit. Thanks for keeping our spirits high. Glad Round 2 is underway and really hope it goes well (monster needles or not)!
    (PS Sorry about the blithering nonsense last day, not sure what cocktail I was on!)

  7. Hi pals! She-Roe! Funny. I don't feel like one! But it helps me to think of myself as someone similar to Xena, Warrior Princess. That's who I think of when I think of She-roe. That and Nora's bike!

    Lori, sorry to have missed having you at the party along with all my other germy friends who chose to steer clear ... probably a good idea though I do miss seeing you.

    Laurel, whatever you're on, I do want some. Your kind of cocktails are more fun and I hope to sip one around your fire pit with you one day soon! Several, in fact!

    Hi Lexie! I hope you're having fun at dance camp and learning some new moves and making some new friends! That's what summer is all about!

    And thanks for being proud of me and for all your encouragement. I hope you never have to go through this, though if you do, I know you'll have just as great a team as I have carrying me through this. I wouldn't have half the strength without all of you.


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