Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lovely Day!

This perfect, little flower is for Erin who, while touring our garden last night said I need to post a photo of it. So here it is. I can't remember what it is. Sorry.

Yesterday was a good day! YEAH! I even cooked supper. Kevin and I went for a walk down to Rex and Erin's and toured Erin's pink garden and then they walked us back to our place and toured ours. It was nice to have a social outing in the evening. It was also nice to talk to my cousin, Lori, last night. I wonder if she's out painting her garage yet?

This morning I feel good, too. I really do think these will be all good days until next Wednesday's chemo treatment. It doesn't seem right to prefix that word with the word, "treat". While I'm glad there is chemo to kill cancer cells, I would hardly call it a "treat".

This morning I had a nice chat with Cindy. I'm having lunch with Cheryl, who is still recovering from foot surgery and is enjoying the freedom of finally being able to drive again.

Have a great day, everyone!



  1. Another beautiful flower. You must have a great camera (not to take anything away from the photographer).
    When fall comes and the flowers fade, I have a file that I can forward - of flower pictures I have been saving.
    Glad to hear your feeling good.

  2. Hi Laurel! Kevin took this photo last night. He's the better photographer. I still need to learn a lot about our camera's settings. I've always been a "point and shoot" girl but I know there's a lot more to it than that if you really want good photos. Ours is just a little Pentax camera. It's not to bad but not super fancy.


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