Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nasty Business

No Suzy Sunshine comments from me about yesterday afternoon and evening, sorry. After being so pleasantly distracted from feeling "yuck" in the morning, I felt worse in the afternoon and positively awful in the evening. I hurt everywhere. My chest hurt the worst. My face ... my arms ... my back ... Okay. The soles of my feet and my upper lip and chin didn't hurt, but that was about it. My skin and the tissues all over my body just plain hurt. It hurt to have my own arms touching against my own body. There was some of this last time but not nearly as bad as this. I was a pretty miserable camper last night.

Mercifully, though, I was able to sleep. I got my pressure points all settled in one place and I doubt I moved all night ... well, except to pee once, after which I was able to sleep again.

This morning I'm still achy but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Pretty soon I go for bloodwork and to get my PICC-line redressed. I hope those liver enzymes are cooperating!

I love the sunshine this morning. It looks promising if not hot.


  1. Sorry to hear about the aches and pains. Wish we could all share these. . . I could take the back pain, another take the left arm, someone else the right; and so on . . . you might have to keep the chest pain (Cancer's not for everyone you know!)
    Go liver enzymes! Go Sunshine!
    Hope today is a better day.

  2. Hi Laurel!

    How truly generous is your willingness to "spread my pain around". Thanks so much for the thought, though I will not wish this on anyone!! I think (hope) the worst of that part is over this time around. Today IS looking better. Honest.

    Thanks for your cheering and for sharing my rural roots.



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