Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lacrosse on TV tonight! BONUS!

Okay. So I didn't cook tonight after all. Sue me!!

It turned out that Luke wasn't coming home for dinner anyway and since I was feeling like a million bucks, Kevin and I decided to go out for dinner. We were going to go to Avacados but, before we left, I started yawning ... and yawning ... and yawning. Kevin wisely suggested we do drive-through instead. Good idea. I was fading fast. So we rented me a movie for tomorrow, picked up some Wendy's and came home. I curled up on the sofa (in my new, comfy brain cozy from Auntie Eileen) and watched So You Think You Can Dance and then ... and THEN ... amazing ... I stumbled across the MLL (field lacrosse) all-star game and skills competition! Now there's a bonus event at the end of an almost perfect day! Lacrosse on tv. And now to bed.

Thank you somebody for such a great day!

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