Sunday, July 19, 2009

Toes by Carol



  1. Hey girl....nice toes!! Almost as nice as mine....just kidding. Mine are painted navy blue to cover up all the ugly that they have become from running.....don't bother taking it up if you love pretty toes because they won't stay that way!! stick to bike riding on that fancy bike of yours!!

  2. Hi Gail! I just knew there was a very good reason for my not taking up running! Thanks for finding it for me! I will stick with biking ... next year. Next year I hope to be everywhere on my fancy schmancy bike!

  3. Love those toenails! They look like doll's feet Heather, so dainty and pink. I was afraid to wear toenail polish for years because I felt it made me look like a tart. Then a friend of mine said, so what, go for it! This was at a funeral. We were in need of frivolous conversation. I do feel a bit of a tart with red toenails, but I find I like it!

  4. Hi Nora! I don't think anyone EVER has used the word "dainty" in reference to my feet. Thanks for making me momentarily delusional. At my high school graduation, they read out what each graduate would be leaving behind for next year's class and I think they said something about me leaving my "sasquatch shoes".

    Glad to know, Nora, that you've learned to acknowledge and appreciate your "inner tart"! It's a good thing.

    You make me laugh!


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